IGIT provides a variety of training services with high quality in order to serve the departments and sector for institutions, our training solutions meet companies' employees annual training plan needs.


We in IGIT have various options in terms of the training location, and the type of training: public, private and in-house.


Our training department designs all programs with high professionalism to meet your needs. Working as one team with our customers to ensure the success of the training programs, which will be reflected in the performance of employees, individuals and then on their organizations.


We conduct our Training Programs in all Arab and World Countries like: Jordan , Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates , Morocco , Tunisia , Egypt , Libya , Sudan , Turkey , The United States , Britain , France , Spain, Italy, and Canada .


Training Methodology …

Class Session: For certain concepts experts will brief participants about related theories, best practices and needed literature.

Group Discussions: It is done through interactive views exchanging, ideas and arguments, that enriches and critically think about concepts, also participants will have the change to share their own experiences with others.

Hands on Projects: Participants will apply the concepts to the business at hand. Participants are organized in groups and assignments are shared among team members.

Case Studies: Examples and cases of international organizations which demonstrate excellence in the concept discussed. Or companies have faced difficulties to discuss the learned lessons. Cases are linked to topics discussed in each module.

Behavioral Change Techniques: Cognitive-behavioral assistance to change the manipulative thinking patterns that cause the manipulative behaviors and negative emotions, focusing on changing the participants' thoughts in order to change their behaviors and attitudes. Cognitive-behavioral assistance to change the maladaptive thinking patterns that cause the maladaptive behaviors and negative emotions, focusing on changing the participants' thoughts in order to change their behaviors and attitudes.

Workshop Coaching: Coaching means to guide participants as they work on applying concepts to practical examples during the session to guide them and enable them doing real work implementation in their companies.

Business Games: Providing the same conditions and tying of players' actions to expected or plausible consequences and outcomes.

Tips & Tricks: Guidelines to improve awareness of common incidents in real business world situations in summarized statements, questions, what-to-do-if Scenarios.

Problematic situations: Teams are presented with a challenging problematic situation to improve it. We address problematic situations from the everyday business environment we experience. Teams brainstorm, summarize and present their thoughts to the group and a debate is facilitated around the case.

Videos: To provide insight and experience to concepts, we demonstrate videos that address certain aspects.

Role Play & Site Visits: We supply experienced professional role players to role play on training courses and assessment.

On Job Training: In order to insure accommodate the skills for trainees that define them during the training process.

Guidance & Counseling: Instruct trainees about the concepts of work and general guidance about what is related to the field of work