Excellence in All We Do …

IGIT is one of the leading Training and Consultancy Companies in the Middle East. We are a trusted advisor for many leading businesses, governments, and institutions. We help leaders make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements to the performance of their organizations. We tackle their most difficult issues and critical challenges.

We are a network of people who are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to leading organizations, and often, the world.

At IGIT we work hard to maintain and improve our reputation for quality. We have and extensive internal quality, program called “EXCELLENCE IN ALL WE DO” that ensures our clients receive top quality services all the times. “Excellence in all we do” is one of our core values and we acknowledge the importance of effectively and efficiently doing the right things.

Why We Are Different …

Expertise: Our competency assurance and training programs prepare your workforce to perform their jobs effectively and confidently.

Desire: It is our motivation, dedication and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of our client’s goals. A commitment to excellence that will enable us to help you to attain the success you seek.

Quality: Our extensive internal quality program ensures clients receive top quality training and developmental services from us at all times.

Support: As part of an international group we have the ability to support you anywhere in the world.

Our Vision …

We aim to be the benchmarked Training and Consultancy Company. We aim to enrich professional competence and provide comprehensive business solution.

Our Mission …

We believe in creating sustainable value first. Our reputation, traditions and educational mission provides us with the inspirational drive in a world where profit motives often direct or confine thinking.

At every stage of involvement, IGIT believes in creating value and spreading priceless knowledge to our clients by:

  • Maintaining the highest professional standards of quality, operational excellence and integrity.

  • Providing innovative and practical solutions and programs to our valued clients in line the best international business practices.

  • Fostering partnerships with our clients through market-driven programs and superior service.

  • Depending on loyal and hardworking personnel, who are competent, highly motivated and committed to their own development.

  • Utilizing the latest and most effective technology in our pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement.

  • Values …

    IGIT helps individuals to achieve their educational and career goals, always a step ahead of everyone else. We have set our core values to help us better serve you as follows:

    Integrity: We conduct ourselves with uncompromising integrity and honesty.

    Quality: We offer expert professional services to help our clients achieve their goals.

    Commitment: We dedicate ourselves to helping our clients achieve greatness.

    Support: We help you find the right tools you need to succeed.

    Opportunity: We open doors and broaden access to new opportunities of knowledge.

    Positivity & Flexibility: We sustain a positive attitude and behavior towards our clients, suppliers and community.